By Sahid Fawaz

Finally, Walmart got the message: no one likes self-checkout machines.

Forbes reports:

"Walmart has given up replacing store cashiers with machines.

That’s according to a recent Bloomberg report, which reveals that the retail giant is getting rid of 'Mobile Scan & Go' technology, which allowed customers to ring up their own purchases.

Apparently, the technology didn’t work for Walmart's customers. 'It took Walmart almost a year to figure out what the rest of us already know: you can't convince customers to do the job of a cashier just because you don't want to pay for the work, especially when eliminating cashiers doesn't result in more convenient shopping,' says Making Change at Walmart (MCAW) director, Randy Parraz.

Meanwhile, the new technology hasn’t helped Walmart’s operating margins . . .

And it might have added to the retail giant’s customer satisfaction problem, which remains at record low levels recently.

Walmart’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) score dropped a notch in 2017 from 2016 (from 72 to 71), placing the retail giant at the bottom of the list of department and discount retailers ranked, and a couple of notches below Sears."

For the rest of the story, visit Forbes here.


-1 #29 Daisy 2018-07-22 06:07
i happen to LOVE self-checkout. It's faster, way less standing in line! You don't have to deal with cranky cashiers, unless they decide to get in your face unnecessarily.
+2 #28 Josh 2018-07-01 01:14
Do you realize you are doing the same job as a cashier scaning and bagging your own stuff for free when you use the self checkouts. I will not do someone's job at no cost to the store
-5 #27 MacDaddd bitch 2018-06-30 21:11
Self checkouts are the most beuatiful invention sincr
Google. If you dont like them you obviously are illiterate and cannot read the check out screens. Which means your must be a Trumpeter. Wal-Mary better grow a pair and put and end to taking away these machines
0 #26 MaxPate 2018-06-29 04:43
Walmart cashiers are so slow....better hire some Aldi cashiers to take over....
+4 #25 Ray Barkoski 2018-05-30 12:29
Lol, I watch sheep waiting in line to self checkout all the time. So how much did you save on the groceries for helping to kick people out of a job. Same selfishness that started when the first factories boarded up. Keep up the good work and I hope you enjoy becoming third world.
0 #24 Patricia Round 2018-05-30 11:41
A lot of the Walmart shoppers are older and to have to lug all your goods onto do it yourself "cashiers." The cashiers will come around and scan your articles.
-7 #23 George Nolan 2018-05-30 05:51
The “rest” of the story. In-store security videos exposed wide spread thief at the Scan and Go stations. For the dishonest minority, Scan and Go was to be primarily just Go, no pay.
Once again a minority, who cannot be trusted with freedom, ruins yet another good thing for the majority.
Punishment for offenders would have caused too much negative PR for Walmart. No doubt they did not want to risk being called out for offending via political incorrectness. To publicly call out offenders and simultaneously admit you can’t control the outcome of an honesty system implemented to serve your loyal customer base, but circumvented by thieves, is tantamount to political suicide.

As a result of such weakness in the face of adversity, now everyone will suffer equally for the sins of a few. When we will We The People demand an end to minorities running this country into the ground. When?
+5 #22 Celia Moore 2018-05-30 01:06
You are confusing readers with this article. Walmart is getting rid of the Mobile Scan & Go and NOT the self-checkout. They are 2 different things. Self-check outs have been in place for more than 10 yrs. The Mobile Scan and Go just started early this year.
-3 #21 Cindy 2018-05-29 11:48
I hate to see this. I can scan and bag my groceries much faster and be out in a lot less time. Cashiers are slow for the most part.
+1 #20 Steve 2018-05-29 10:21
Good. I hate those things. I use them if forced to, but with larger orders, they suck.

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